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The Gallery

Set in Stone Gallery is Asia’s premier natural history dealer. We offer specially selected fossil and mineral pieces acquired from all over the world. Presenting specimens that were previously exclusive to museums and universities, Set in Stone looks to bring millions of years of natural history directly to personal collections, living rooms and work spaces.


We have been featured on Bloomberg, Channel News Asia, the Straits Times, broadcast radio and other publications. 

The Gallerist

Set in Stone was founded by Cliff Hartono. A trilobite given to him when he was five sparked a lifelong passion for natural history. In 2012, he decided to pursue this passion full-time. He traveled extensively around the world to explore dig sites and to acquire extraordinary specimens.


Cliff led Set in Stone Gallery to its first exhibition in April of 2013 and continues his pursuit of extinct beauty to this day. When he is not finding and exhibiting rare natural history specimens, he can be found surfing in Indonesia.

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